It might be an understatement to say we’re addicted to data, but how can you blame us? Frankly, we’re shocked that everyone else’s eyes aren’t glued to Google Analytics, Social metrics, and A/B testing until they start thinking in line graphs and pie charts. We’re driven by success at PinkCilantro, and the better we can chart our progress, the easier it is for us to continue to grow and improve, especially in our line of business, where we aren’t dealing with physical products but with invisible data points like views, clicks, and conversions. Still, we think that old adage about knowing your product rings true, so we’re constantly monitoring the ebbs and flows of traffic, looking for patterns that can help us better refine our digital marketing strategy, and pass that knowledge and expertise on to our clients.

We use a combination of tools to be constantly monitoring all traffic sources that give us insights into the profiles of our client’s ideal potential customers and their online preferences and behaviors. We collect, organize, and interpret that data, and extrapolate what the trends we observe say about marketing activity and what we can learn from them. Then, we hit the drawing board, keeping an eye out for fluctuations in those metrics while we get to work. Before, during, and after we launch our campaigns, we’re constantly monitoring our ROI, our audience’s reactions, and the overall state of our clients’ industry ecosystem. We don’t just use that data as a tool on our end; we also share our findings and their meanings with our clients early on in the process and work with them to make sure they get the most bang for their buck.

We’ll provide recommendations on how our clients should best allocate their marketing budget, and work out a completely customized digital marketing strategy that targets specific, individual goals with a targeted approach informed by real time data. Just as an entrepreneur would never enter an investor meeting without preparing a pitch, we think the reward for putting in the work to crunch numbers early and often far exceeds the labor cost. When we use every available resource to build the most targeted, specialized, and focused campaign strategy from day one, the payoffs are amplified tenfold.


Web Analytics Reporting

Some digital marketing companies collect and analyze data before they get to work to see what the other guys are doing and help draw up their strategy for each new client. Others promise to quantify the impact of their work, tracking the results after they finish a project and reporting their findings back to their clients. At PinkCilantro, we do both. We rely on data at every stage of our branding process. We collect data before we get started on our company’s history, its vision, and its goals, the story behind it and the people who make it work. We also gather data on our clients’ target audiences to see what defines a potential consumer, what they have in common, and how best to appeal to them.

Lastly, we survey our clients’ competition to get a better sense of the industry landscape and to serve as a launchpad to make sure we can surpass them. That’s all before we even start to work up our game plan, too. From there, we use our findings to map out the best possible strategy for a successful, multi-tiered digital marketing campaign. We are constantly streaming and evaluating Google Analytics, and when individual initiatives like email blasts or onsite calls to action are in progress, you’d be hard-pressed to find a way to pry our eyes away from our screens. We know our clients tend not to be quite as obsessive about traffic stats, so we also prepare monthly summary reports that chart the ebbs and flows of traffic and illustrate not only what worked in our campaigns and what didn’t, but also what we learned along the way and how that will help us reshape our next steps.

All of our monthly reports are supported by a meeting where we sit down and check in on how our progress matches our client’s goals and expectations. Our data interpretation isn’t done until after this meeting because we think our clients’ insights are just as valuable as our own. We’ll draw conclusions about our findings together, and then together we’ll recalibrate our strategies as needed.

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