Digital PR

Digital PR has the same goal as traditional PR. We define outreach as communication that occurs when brands reach out to their audience, including customers, internal teams, the media, community, social influencers, and other stakeholders.

When we perform outreach, how is attribution handled?

This is always a customized approach since some organizations need to handle everything in-house for compliance reasons while others prefer that we handle everything for them from start to finish. We’ve also found that some brands aren’t received well when pitching as themselves given their current reputation in the industry, confusion around their service offering (assuming we haven’t implemented an improved reputation marketing and content strategy, yet!), or sometimes the financial gain contacts see when brands of a certain caliber conduct outreach. In these instances, we manage the relationship for you, but we always prefer to work with your in-house team and name when possible

If we’re working together with an ongoing engagement for any of these services, we handle the research, strategy, and implementation process including qualification, pitching, measurement, and reporting of all outreach and promotional activities. More important, we don’t stop there — we use these insights to constantly inform and refine your broader digital marketing strategy.
After you’ve invested in your content strategy, established a strong technical foundation for your site, and worked to establish your reputation, you want to connect that work with increased visibility and awareness. That’s where outreach and promotion come in. Just because you created content, doesn’t mean your audience will see it.

What our clients says

We have worked with Pinkcilantro on a number of projects.
Even between projects, the team has been happy to answer queries and engage with stakeholders.

Amanda Bellford

CEO at Beauty Beam

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