Social Media

Social branding is more than creating a digital billboard and then blasting your message. You must engage with customers in a meaningful way. It’s literally a “social” experience and your brand must be a part of it. Thinking you can get by without an active social media presence is a mistake that will set you far behind your competitors.

The online conversation is not yours to control, but it can be used to your advantage. Every interaction is an opportunity. Effective social branding ensures that these opportunities end in a positive result for your business. How positive depends on how well your people are trained and how well-defined your branding is.


PinkCilantro social media services include:

  • Social media audit
  • Social Crisis Preparation & Management
  • Social Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Social profile creation
  • Content Development, Seeding & Distribution
  • Customized Social Media Measurement
  • Influencer Marketing


Website and blog

  • Widget strategy development
  • Blog design, setup and or optimization
  • Blog strategy development
  • Blog content and distribution

What our clients says

We have worked with Pinkcilantro on a number of projects.
Even between projects, the team has been happy to answer queries and engage with stakeholders.

Amanda Bellford

CEO at Beauty Beam

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