Content Marketing

How your site looks and functions is only the beginning. The actual content is what engages the customer in your brand’s message.

Well-written content that aligns with your branding is absolutely crucial to your website’s effectiveness. This includes the “permanent” copy of your actual pages, plus blogs, press releases, authoritative articles, and other time-sensitive materials that are added as needed.


PinkCilantro can provide the following services:

Blog Posts: We will provide blog posts designed to drive traffic and encourage engagement and social sharing. These must be in line with your branding, but also serve the specific purpose of creating shareable, linkable content.

Authority Articles: These are to establish expertise in your field and provide long-term SEO. They will be longer than a blog post and provide essential information that is relevant to potential customers who may have questions when they come to your site. These articles will provide the answers. The more specialized to your specific product, the better.

Press Releases: We can create press releases to highlight developments in your product or business that are designed to gain the interest of bloggers and media. You need to do more than explain what you are doing, but also why it matters.


Content consulting

Before you create any of kind content you need to know why and the goals you plan to achieve. These goals need to be measurable and in line with your business objectives. You should never waste time creating content for the sake of creating content. That’s why an editorial calendar based on data and grounded in empirical evidence and experience is critical. The idea of finding success by going “viral” is not a strategy. You need a well thought-out, long-term plan with consistent messaging that resonates with your target audience. We can analyze your needs, objectives, and audience to help you create content that works


Content Strategy Methodology

When building out your strategy, the first thing we do is understand your business, brand, and voice. We analyze your marketing successes and failures, go through relevant materials both on your website and in off-site marketing collateral, and begin to build a complete understanding of where you stand and where you want to go.

Then we focus on your audience. Not an ideal audience based on assumptions, but a real group of people based on real data. We use your data and any insights you can provide, plus market data and analysis, competitor analysis, market research data sources, and anything else we can get our hands on that will help define your optimal audience.

Strategies are great, but now the hard part. We will work with you on how to best deliver your messaging to the right people. This doesn’t mean instant results. It means that your audience is seeing your message and the wheels of commerce are starting to turn. Success or failure is yet to be determined and we are just one part. But a part you can definitely rely on.

During this process we typically produce deliverables such as:


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