What’s your why? Not only for yourself, but for your customers. At what point do motivations and intentions converge to create the moment of transaction and when and why does that happen? That’s what we want to help you find out. Marketing is more than telling stories. It’s about altering behavior and bringing people to action.

Positioning: So you have your strategy. But now where to put it? Where do you position yourself? A website, of course, but what about the other platforms? Where will your voice be most well received? Where can you be heard? And, perhaps most importantly, where are your potential customers?


1. Inbound Marketing
Sticking ads out there and hoping for clicks isn’t going to get the job done. You want results? Go out and grab people and bring them to your site. How do you do this? With engaging inbound marketing that shows off what you know and who you are. People use the internet for information. Why not provide that information on your website?

At PinkCilantro, we will create targeted content that draws people in. Whether it’s a list, an article, advice, or simply a link to something interesting, we will increase traffic to your page. Of course, it’s not just about raw numbers. It’s about bringing the right people at the right time and then moving them along the sales process. It’s about results.

2. Automated CRM

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