Brand Identity

Your brand IS your business. You might have the best product in the world, but without the right branding your success will be severely limited. Everything you do needs to be part of it. From the design of your product to the way you talk to customers, branding needs to be at the core of your business’s identity. And once established, the parameters of your branding must be strictly adhered to. That’s why it needs to be succinct, sincere, and a natural extension of the way you do things. Branding defines and magnifies the values your business already stands for. We just help to bring those out.  

What does your brand need to say? What does your company stand for? What quality do you want customers to think about when they first come into contact with your business? These are the questions that branding needs to address. These are the questions we will help you answer. Or, if you’ve already developed a strong brand we will translate it into the digital realm and carry it to the social world.


What Digital Branding Delivers

Digital branding gives purpose to your online presence. It creates a familiar, yet distinct voice that becomes a part of customers’ everyday experience. You can’t simply flash an ad in front of someone and expect the results you want. Not on social media. People are bombarded with messages everyday. Thousands of them. Why should they listen to you? What value do you offer? Why should they invite your brand into their lives? Most importantly, why should they turn over their hard-earned money or support your cause?

It’d be great to tell you that brands dictate the online world. It’d be great if you could open a few accounts on a few platforms and watch your business skyrocket. But it doesn’t work that way. Customers rule the social world. They control what they see and don’t see. If you do it wrong, you’re unfollowed, blocked, or just plain ignored. Digital branding is about establishing a presence, connecting with the right people, and creating a community around yourself. That’s what we do at PinkCilantro.

What our clients says

We have worked with Pinkcilantro on a number of projects.
Even between projects, the team has been happy to answer queries and engage with stakeholders.

Amanda Bellford

CEO at Beauty Beam

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